Back and Neck Pain

You are not alone if you suffer from back or neck pain. We have reached the point where 90 % of adults in western society will have at least one episode of significant low back pain and many suffer from recurring bouts.

The good news is that you don’t have too. Most adults and many children in our society have picked up some bad habits such as sloppy sitting posture or carrying a bag on one side all the time and these feel normal.

The trouble is they stress the body and leave it vulnerable to strain/sprain injuries.

Often the first signal of strain that we recognise is pain. Very commonly from a trivial incident or no incident at all so we don’t realise what the cause is.

If you have had an incident of low back or neck pain and especially if these are recurring then a program designed for you at Back for the Future will include, along with hands on therapy, an understanding of what is straining your body and how to change to ideal function and performance.

We also have Pilates Studio for rehabilitation. And Pilates Mat Classes for Conditioning and relaxation. Look up timetable or book Pilates Studio session

To make a booking for Physio or Pilates, Phone 09 816 9314

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