• ‘After years of unsuccessful treatment for severe neck and head pain with medication, chiropractors and osteopaths I was referred to Mark Silvester. His approach to the problem was totally different from any other practitioner. After just a matter of weeks the improvement in my neck was so great and the pain so significantly reduced I was able for the first time in years to resume a drug-free, independent and active lifestyle’

    Mrs L (Glen Eden)
  • ‘I had suffered from chronic frequent spinal pain for several years and had seen several physical therapists in that time with minimal improvement.  After my GP referred me to Mark Silvester I quickly made real progress.  Now I am pain-free most of the time.  Based upon my personal experience I would, without hesitation, recommend to my medical colleagues referral of patients with chronic musculo-skeletal problems secondary to injury, overuse or misuse to Mark.’

    Dr M (Hillsborough, consultant)
  • ‘Over the past 4 years I have had severe upper back and neck pain with some lower back pain. I had tried over a dozen therapists including chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and body work therapists, some of which gave me temporary relief but no ongoing progress. I came to Back for the Future and Mark Silvester showed me that I was not using my body correctly. He taught me how to use my body and particularly my shoulder in a much better way. Now I have minimal and sometimes no pain and when I do have pain I have learnt to manage it myself.’

    T. W.
  • ‘I started to feel pain and numbness in my right hand and as a graphic designer I knew I had to find a physiotherapist.  I was lucky to find Back for the Future and Mark diagnosed RSI.  With weekly visits the pain subsided in my wrists and we concentrated on my posture, sitting position and using my mouse arm correctly.  I now know how to sit and so give myself a better chance of not suffering from RSI again.  Thanks Mark’

    J. L.
  • ‘A lower back injury ongoing for over 3 years led me to Mark Silvester at Back for the Future.  Having been to a dozen other professionals and still being in considerable pain I wasn’t getting my hopes up…  Mark soon showed himself to be a master in the workings of the spine and combined with his ability to teach, I learned many techniques that rapidly improved the irritation in my back and hips.  Within several weeks my condition had progressed and now 6 months later I am elated to be finally enjoying the outdoor pursuits I once used to love.  Thanks Mark, I am extremely grateful.’

    M. A
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