Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team of physiotherapists work with you to regain function, aid in your recovery in an efficient and innovative manner. We also teach you how to prevent reoccurrence with our unique personal training programme. We offer you the best & most effective treatment options to suit your needs.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced & Qualified


We have over 30+years of experience in treatment and rehabilitation in most types of injuries from standard pulled muscles to elite sports people with complex injuries.

Our clinical director lectures and trains at university and post graduate level. He has also taught other practitioners in over 100 industry courses in 9 countries over the past 15yrs, helping advance the field of physiotherapy.

Personalised Rehabilitation & Prevention


We don’t just treat the symptom, we identifying the habits in postural and movement issues that cause your pain. We give you a personalised rehabilitation training programme teaching you how to use your body correctly, so your pain doesn’t re-occur.

Our proven techniques have helped different types of people recover from pain including; children, office workers, expecting & new mums and professional athletes.

Registered Provider



We are registered with the regulatory authority for Physiotherapists in New Zealand Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand and adhere to the high standards of practice and professionalism.

We are also an accredited ACC provider. You don’t need a GP referral for ACC or private physiotherapy.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Our Services


We provide personalised, integrative, and effective treatment for your injury or pain.

We will design a programme for you including hands on therapy, and one to one physical training for injury rehabilitation.

Our unique treatment process will also give you a thorough understanding of what is straining your body and how you can change habits and posture to develop ideal function and performance, minimising your risk of future injury.

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Pilates is a valuable tool when retraining improved function after an injury. It strengthens, tones and facilitates ideal muscle recruitment. Improves posture, enhances flexibility and balance.

We have a fully equipped Pilates Studio with classes or one to one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist to suit your needs.

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To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Our Practice

Our clinic is based in Titirangi, Auckland. Surrounded by native bush it has a peaceful and calming atmosphere. We provide personalised, integrative, and effective treatment for your injury or pain.

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