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Pilates is a valuable tool when retraining improved function after an injury. It strengthens, tones and facilitates ideal muscle recruitment. Improves posture, enhances flexibility and balance.

We have a fully equipped Pilates Studio with classes or one to one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist to suit your needs.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Come and learn a unique method of body conditioning that strengthens and tones muscle, improves posture, enhances flexibility and balance, unites body and mind and creates a more streamlined shape. Pilates will help re-educate the brain into positive movement patterns through repetition which with time will carry over into daily life and enhance the way you do everything…

There is a strong emphasis on breathing well throughout exercise and all activities of the day, even when we are stressed or tired.  Combined with good relaxation skills it will have an impact on general health, wellbeing and energy levels.. It is a valuable tool when retraining improved function after an injury, when compensatory and poor postural habits will quickly predominate. Strain is much less likely to occur when the body is functioning as it was designed to.

Our Pilates Teachers

Michelle Silvester Physiotherapist

Michelle Silvester

Julie Dunn

Mat sessions

1 hour session: No booking required. A general program catered to all in terms of alignment, postural strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation.

A full body workout using mat exercises and Pilates equipment.  We will teach you to use your body in an optimal way during every day activities, through posture, alignment awareness, and improving function.

Pilates Studio Sessions 

Studio Sessions:

By appointment and beginning with a one on one assessment.

1 hour session: A clinical program using a range of Pilates equipment, CV machines and mat exercises. Programmes are continuously being modified and developed for the individual.


1-hour assessment      $70
1-hour studio class     $30
Studio sessions are by appointment

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

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