We provide personalised, integrative, and effective treatment for your injury or pain.

We will design a programme for you including hands on therapy, and one to one physical training for injury rehabilitation.

Our unique treatment process will also give you a thorough understanding of what is straining your body and how you can change habits and posture to develop ideal function and performance, minimising your risk of future injury.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Our Physiotherapy Services

Our team are highly qualified Physiotherapists fully trained in all aspects of injury treatment and rehabilitation with a focus on teaching you how to prevent reoccurrence.

Back & Neck Pain

We treat all type of neck and back pain, including headaches and scoliosis.

You are not alone if you suffer from back or neck pain. We have reached the point where 90 % of adults in western society will have at least one episode of significant low back pain and many suffer from recurring bouts.

The good news is that you don’t have too. Most adults and many children in our society have picked up some bad habits such as sloppy sitting posture or carrying a bag on one side all the time and these feel normal.

The trouble is they stress the body and leave it vulnerable to strain/sprain injuries.

Often the first signal of strain that we recognise is pain. Very commonly from a trivial incident or no incident at all so we don’t realise what the cause is.

If you have had an incident of low back or neck pain and especially if these are recurring then a program designed for you at Back for the Future will include, along with hands on therapy, an understanding of what is straining your body and how to change to ideal function and performance.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Leg Injuries

We treat all types of hip, knee or foot injuries including sciatic nerve pain (leg pain).

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles problems are common, especially in walkers and runners. They occur for very specific reasons. One of the main things that worsens this problem is stretching the calf. If you would like help with this problem we have a very successful program here so, please call and make an appointment.


Bunions occur mainly because people’s leg and foot alignment are poor. This causes them to push on the side of the toe, rather than underneath it, and this pushes the toe sideways. In most cases correction of alignment and manual techniques help a lot to straighten the toe and relieve the pain, so make an appointment and we can help you.

Pain Under Forefoot (Metatarsalgia)

This benefits from support underneath the foot and correction of the way a person uses their foot and walks. So, make an appointment and let us help you modify your walking and take the pain away.

Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

This is pain underneath the heel especially on first getting up in the morning. Heel pain benefits from calf stretching, support, and alignment correction. This problem is a particular interest at this clinic. We have published two scientific papers outlining the causes of it and we can help you if you have it.

Shin Splints

Shin splints, which is pain down the front of the shin, is almost always associated with running. The treatment that helps this condition long term is alignment correction which improves the running technique. Deep massage and support of the foot are also important. We can do all that for you at this clinic.

Outside thigh/hip pain (ITB Pain)

Problems associated with the ITB are felt in the outside of the thigh/hip and sometimes affect the outside of the knee. Improved gluteal strength and alignment solve the problem in most cases. Make an appointment to have this problem sorted out.

Groin Pain

Groin pain is usually related to the hip. Many of these groin issues are caused by strength and muscle imbalances around the hip which are correctable.

If you have movement-related or sports-related groin pain this is a quite specialised area. Working for Chelsea football Club taught me a lot about dealing with groin pain.

Runners Knee

Pain associated with the kneecap is usually in the front of the knee. It’s worse when climbing stairs or squatting and the knee is stiff and painful if a person sits with the knees bent for a long period of time such as in the movies or on long car journeys.

This problem responds well to treatment which includes specific quadriceps strengthening and manual techniques at the kneecap. We have treated hundreds of people with this type of knee pain problem at this clinic and we are confident we can help you if you have it

Hamstring Strain

Hamstrings can be tricky, but they only become recurring when there are concurrent problems with the way people stand and run. There will usually be some back-pain issues accompanying this.

Come and see us with your hamstring problem especially if you have had more than one hamstring tear. My work at The Chiefs gave me experience at working with hamstring problems.

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Pregnancy Care

We specialise in pregnancy care for expecting Mum’s and new Mum’s:

  • Spinal pain in pregnancy
  • Wellness in pregnancy
  • Preparation for birth, reconditioning following birth

Other Injuries

We treat many other pain symptoms including:

  • Shoulder or elbow pain
  • Sports or dance injuries, particularly any re-occurring injury
  • Children with postural strain or spinal pain
  • Assessments of occupational work areas

We also have Pilates Studio for rehabilitation. And Pilates Mat Classes for Conditioning and relaxation. Look up timetable or book Pilates Studio session

To Relieve Your Pain and Regain Your Life

Tips On How To Move Correctly

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